Cazzette Announce Plans For New Single And Upcoming EP


A couple of days ago, we had the chance to sit down with Swedish duo Cazzette during Miami Music Week, shortly before they headed to Ultra Music Festival for what turned out to be another excellent and impressive set. Lately, the duo has been switching up their sound a bit, and while that’s always a risky thing for artists to do, it seems that they intend on continuing to head down that path.

When I asked them what they had coming up in terms of new music, Alex and Seb noted that they’ll be releasing a new single soon that will follow in the vein of “Blind Heart” and “Sleepless.” They also mentioned an EP that’s coming in the summer.

Check out what they had to say below:

We have a new single coming soon, it’s called Together and it’s similar to Blind Heart and Sleepless. It’s more like R&B-ish with a lot of soul in the vocals. It should be out in May or late April. After that we’ll have an EP with Together and a few other songs. It should be about 5-6 tracks. We want to have a concept around the EP, too, which we’re still working on. That will drop in June or July.

So, if you’re a Cazzette fan, it seems that the next few months should be a good time for you, what with the new single and EP coming. While we don’t have an exact release date for either just yet, we’ll of course keep you posted once we hear more.