Cazzette Turns A New Page With Desserts EP


After reaping the success of “Sleepless” and their “Alcoholic” remix, Cazzette is continuing their trek into new territory with their forthcoming Desserts EP. The release leans toward a more house-centric focus, and boasts all the Cazzette mainstays we’ve grown to love: beautifully composed progressions, supple basslines, and evocative lyrics.

Starting the EP is “Together,” and it’s certainly the most energetic track of the release, though still a departure from Cazzette’s earlier progressive house ventures. The vocal processing is of a similar vein from previous productions, and beautifully supplements the grumbling sub-bass of the track.

Other notable tunes are “Genius,” a fully fried disco anthem reminiscent of Daft Punk’s efforts on Discovery, and “Solo Para Ti,” which has, perhaps, the most familiar Cazzette feel of the release, implementing belting vocals and deep embellishments to play against flamenco inspired guitar. Each track contributes to the EP’s overarching feeling of decadence, and it’s the overlooked details like crackling vinyl that will leave your ears satiated and wanting more.

Overall, the Desserts EP marks the welcome return of our favorite Swedish duo, and offers a refreshing injection into the prevailing sounds of house that have taken over 2015.

Stream Cazzette’s Desserts now via Spotify, and pre-order the EP on iTunes for its August 28th release.