Chachi Takes Emily Vaughn On A Ride To The Future


This is how Emily Vaughn’s “Better Off” was meant to sound. New York based Chachi has produced an impeccable remix that sounds effortlessly at home amongst the original’s honeyed vocals. By swapping out the easygoing pop of Emily Vaughn’s original, Chachi has turned “Better Off” into a pointed future house tune ready for the night.

Vaughn’s vocals melt amongst the track’s soothing oscillations to instigate the vibe, and it’s not long before a clamoring lead sets in to frame the beat. A classic house keyboard arrangement rallies along to softly pitched synths to pronounce the bridge before the half-timed breakdown adds welcome variety to the track.

Overall, it’s a tidy production, incorporating all the proven elements to charge a crowd. With a vast arsenal of quality remixes under his belt, it’s clear that Chachi’s prepping for big year.

Listen to “Better Off” above, and stay on the lookout for more from this upcoming talent.

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