The Chainsmokers Get Awkward In New Music Video


The Chainsmokers dropped a new video for their collaboration with Tritonal on “Until You Were Gone” this week, rolling out a hilariously awkward visual accompaniment for the track that revolves around the DJ duo desperately trying to attract the attention of their fitness trainer.

Sonically, “Until You Were Gone” sees The Chainsmokers continuing the trend of branching out their musical influences and incorporating pop sensibilities into their energetic festival bangers. The song opens with a gentle chord progression joined by Emily Warren’s soulful singing. The verses feature radio friendly vocal hooks and stripped back musical elements, before building up to melodic house drops designed to pack a punch on the dance floor.

The music video for the duo’s latest single takes a lighthearted approach, seeing Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall acting at their silliest, relying on the humorous elements to tie the project together. With its uplifting vibes and energizing melodies, “Until You Were Gone” will surely please fans and the new video will have you holding your sides.