The Chainsmokers Beef With Tiësto In New Music Video


The Chainsmokers have it all, nice hair, Vegas balcony suites, and Tiësto in the trunk of their car. That’s right, in their music video for “Split (Only You),” the duo abducts the legendary producer for slandering them on Snapchat, then force him to dig his own grave in the middle of the Nevada desert. That was their first mistake; don’t murder anyone for Snapchat antics, especially the beefy-armed Tiësto.

At least Alex and Drew honor his gravesite with a pair of AKG headphones, but they surely didn’t expect the Dutch superstar to come back from the dead and dish out some well-deserved karma. While preoccupied with typical Sin City debauchery, a zombified Tiësto offers some unfriendly room service and takes a cardboard bite out of Alex’s arm.

Click above to watch The Chainsmokers bag the unsuspecting Tiësto in their latest video, and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.