Is The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” The Next “Harlem Shake”?


Following a massively successful year in music, The Chainsmokers don’t seem to be able to keep their name out of the headlines as of late. We’ve already had plenty to say about their latest single “Closer,” a collaboration with Halsey that has been dominating since its release earlier in the summer, and now the song is back on our minds once again as it becomes the subject of a new viral trend.

Remember back in 2013 when Bauuer’s “Harlem Shake” reached peak viral video status as it became the ubiquitous EDM meme on YouTube? The tune became inescapable as thousands of users uploaded clips of their group dancing to its trap beats, using the oldest editing trick in the book to suddenly transform into a cast of costumed shakers once the drop hits. The concept quickly picked up steam and became a full blown trend at the height of its fame.

Now it appears that The Chainsmokers may have EDM’s next meme to their name as a similar phenomenon is taking off with “Closer.” A large number of social media users have begun uploading video clips of themselves dancing to the song while employing a number of different concepts, from donning dog suits to throwing down in the middle of a party, prompting comparisons to the viral trend that followed “Harlem Shake.”

We’re not sure “Closer” has reached quite the same level as Bauuer’s hit just yet, but you can decide for yourself as you peruse some of the best clips below.