The Chainsmokers Are Collaborating With Coldplay’s Chris Martin


The Chainsmokers have become an inescapable entity in dance and pop music following a phenomenally successful year that has seen the duo truly cross over into the mainstream, with massive singles like “Don’t Let Me Down” and their latest hit, “Closer,” dominating radio and streaming. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any bigger, the duo have now revealed the subject of their next collaboration as some video clips surfaced of them hitting the studio with none other than Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

In the first video, we can see Alex Pall seated at the mixing console as a pop friendly piano progression rings out while Chris Martin belts out some catchy vocals. In the second video, we can hear some light electronic elements layered over the same piano pattern, as what sounds like an almost tropical tinged bell melody enters the speakers.

At this point, it’s uncertain whether the upcoming song will be a full on collaboration with Coldplay or if The Chainsmokers are just teaming up with Chris Martin, but one thing’s for sure; whatever they’re working on is pretty much guaranteed to blow up when it drops.

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