The Chainsmokers Drop A Lyric Video For “Setting Fires”


Last week, The Chainsmokers dropped their latest offering in the form of the five track Collage EP, a release that largely served to collect recent singles like “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down” in one place. While most of Collage‘s tracklist had previously been released in single form, the EP did offer up one new song with “Setting Fires,” a catchy collaboration with electropop duo XYLØ. Today, the duo have released a new lyric video to serve as a companion for “Setting Fires.”

As you might expect from the song’s title, the video for “Setting Fires” features plenty of pyrotechnics. Most of the clip focuses on a cast of young people as they take over an abandoned building and turn it into a skateboard park, setting up makeshift ramps and rails to glide over. Before long, skateboards are set aflame, as pieces of cardboard detailing the song’s lyrics are lit up as well.

The video for “Setting Fires” is basically just an excuse to put a bunch of attractive people in a room and let them play with fire, and for that it’s successful. Despite its simplicity, the concept is visually engaging and works well with the song’s themes.

Considering this is just a lyric video, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a full fledged visual companion to surface for “Setting Fires” at a later point, as was the case with “Closer.” That being said, the new video is a fitting tie-in for The Chainsmokers‘ latest single with plenty of visual appeal in its own right.