The Chainsmokers Drop Official Remix Pack For “Closer”


We’ve already heard a number of top notch remixes of The Chainsmokers latest hit “Closer,” with producers like Jauz and Slushii offering up their own versions of the song. Now the smash single is getting stuck in our head all over again as the duo drop an official remix pack for the single, featuring new renditions courtesy of Shaun Frank, R3HAB, Wuki and Robotaki.

First up is the previously heard R3HAB mix, which delivers a feel good production with light tropical vibes, ear pleasing vocal chop melodies and uplifting rhythms.

Wuki delivers an unexpectedly bass heavy remix, kicking off with a brief percussion driven intro. The drums drop out to make way for Halsey’s vocals set against a stark chord progression, leading into a powerful build up. The track then explodes into driving house drops with grinding bass.

Contrasting Wuki’s heavy hitting rework, Robotaki delivers a tropical tinged production with bouncy synth melodies and bright chord splashes.

Shaun Frank’s take on “Closer” steals the show however, delivering a stunning production with some interesting twists. The Canadian producer introduces sun soaked synth flourishes and rolling rhythms into his rendition, giving the bittersweet original a more jubilant vibe.

The “Closer” remix pack manages to deliver four uniquely original renditions of The Chainsmokers‘ now familiar single, with each artist taking the song in a different direction to great success. You can head here to purchase the “Closer” remixes.


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