The Chainsmokers Drop “Setting Fires” Remix Pack


The Chainsmokers are back today to offer up a new remix pack for their single “Setting Fires” with XYLØ, enlisting Blasterjaxx, Vanic, Sigma and more on a five track collection dedicated to the tune. “Setting Fires” served as the only unreleased song to surface on the duo’s recent Collage EP, and the new remix pack offers up a variety of unique interpretations.

Blasterjaxx kicks the “Setting Fires” remix pack off with a festival ready big room remix, complete with supercharged synth melodies and pummelling drum work. It’s a nice contrast to the more languid vibe of the original, though the heavy use of sounds that were already overused a few years back will surely turn off some listeners. Vanic’s bass heavy rendition, meanwhile, does a better job of infusing high octane rhythms into the song, with crunchy synthersizers underscoring XYLØ’s angelic vocals.

Elsewhere, Qulinez delivers a serene remix, opening with spacey guitar plucks and downtempo trap beats before moving into vocal chop dominated drops. Boxinbox and Lionsize take a similar avenue, injecting some soaring vocal effects throughout their version, set against splashy synth chords and off kilter drums. Sigma’s version serves as the stand out remix, however, bringing an exotic edge to the tune with rolling vibraphone melodies and uplifting drum patterns.

Arriving just in time for the holidays, the new release does justice to The Chainsmokers‘ original version of “Setting Fires,” and we’re glad to see another release from the DJs before the year’s end.