The Chainsmokers Finally Release New Single “Paris”


Following up on the release of the Collage EP last fall, The Chainsmokers are back today to drop their new single “Paris” at long last. The duo have been teasing the song for a while now, and anticipation has been high for the full version to premiere.

Fans who have enjoyed The Chainsmokers’ charting singles like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer” will be pleased with their new outing, which sees them exploring their now signature sound further. Just like on “Closer,” Andrew Taggart handles the singing duties along with an unnamed female vocalist, offering up catchy pop hooks with an indie flair.

“Paris” begins with a gentle piano progression before a simple kick drum and Drew’s vocals enter the mix. As the rhythms pick up in speed, the tune transitions into minimal drops with strummed guitars and soaring harmonies. Moving into the final section of “Paris,” the chorus repeats as new sounds are layered in, including a recycled arpeggio from The Chainsmokers’ previous single “Waterbed.”

With a mix of infectious hooks and a bittersweet backdrop, The Chainsmokers are no doubt primed to continue their radio dominance into 2017 with the release of “Paris.”