The Chainsmokers Maintain Stance On Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion”


Earlier in the month, The Chainsmokers found themselves under fire following an interview with Rolling Stone where they had some not so nice things to say about Lady Gaga’s new music. Talking specifically about her song “Perfect Illusion,” the duo stated that “it sucks,” which led to a backlash on Twitter culminating with the hashtag #TheChainsmokersAreOverParty trending. The pop singer seemed to bring the matter to a close when she Tweeted her song “A-YO” at the DJ duo, and the controversy surrounding the situation disappeared quickly.

Unfortunately, it seems like The Chainsmokers just can’t keep themselves out of trouble though as they re-opened that whole can of worms in a new interview with BBC. Drew Taggart was asked if he had changed his mind on “Perfect Illusion,” to which he responded simply that he hasn’t – though he’s sure to maintain that there isn’t any bad blood.

Nope. It’s not her, I respect her as an artist but I’m a loud mouth New Yorker. It sucks and we are so new to the whole exposure, attention thing. And things get taken out of context or misrepresented or I don’t communicate clearly my true feelings.

He also mentioned that he felt Lady Gaga Tweeted her song “A-YO” at them as a comeback, stating “she was clever, she promoted her new song while throwing shade at us and was like ‘maybe you’ll like this one better’ and the song kind of felt like a diss track.”

Whether the song is meant as a diss at The Chainsmokers is unclear, but we’re gonna step out on a limb here and assume that we won’t be seeing the DJ duo collaborating with Lady Gaga anytime soon.