The Chainsmokers Officially Debut Kanye



Set to be released tomorrow is Kanye, the new single from The Chainsmokers which will act as the duo’s follow-up to their huge hit, Selfie. Inspired by the titular rapper, the track is an upbeat and catchy tune that could make it just as big as the group’s last single, especially if it gets an endorsement from Yeezy himself.

Though I’ve only played the song a few times, it’s already stuck in my head and I’m pretty confident that The Chainsmokers have another winner on their hands. Siren’s vocals are a perfect fit and the track’s deeper themes about being yourself will surely resonate with the group’s fanbase, almost all but assuring another radio hit for the DJs.

Kanye officially drops tomorrow, but The Chainsmokers have made it available on SoundCloud today so that you can stream it in full. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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