The Chainsmokers Talk Fame, Touring And Creative Process


It’s safe to say that The Chainsmokers are one of the biggest acts in music right now, taking up the lion’s share of time on the air with their massive hits like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer.” As their popularity continues to surge, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall got together with Nick Watt on ABC News for a new interview to discuss a range of topics, from constant touring and recent success to their creative process and the origin behind their name.

Nick Watt inquires about how the two arrived at their name, and they reveal it was partly a matter of availability. “At the time of conception, I was in college, enjoyed smoking weed, the domain’s open,” says Alex.

The interview then moves into the studio with The Chainsmokers, who give us an inside look at their creative process. Watt questions if either of them “actually play instruments,” and they reveal that their sound is a blend of electronic and instrumental elements, with Drew stating “we play all our instruments on our records, just like any band would.”

The duo also touch upon their recent Billboard cover story, which garnered controversy from a portion of readers who felt The Chainsmokers had exposed themselves as massive bros in some of their quotes. Pall discusses regret over some of these quotes, stating “there are parts of that interview we don’t like and parts that we do like. I think we should have done a better job conveying how hard we work on our music.” Drew then cuts in to reveal that he and Pall play a staggering 250 shows a year, offering up some insight into how hard the two work.

The interview does cover some familiar ground in an effort to more familiarize general audiences with The Chainsmokers, but there’s still plenty of enticing info and entertaining antics from the duo for long term fans to enjoy.