The Chainsmokers Tease “Special” Song And Share Clips On Snapchat


The Chainsmokers may be in the middle of basking in the success of their recent number one hit “Closer,” but that isn’t stopping the flow of new music. The DJ duo is teasing the release of their next song, and now we’ve got some Snapchat snippets from them to go along with it – and it seems like it could possibly include a huge guest.

Just the other day, The Chainsmokers dropped a Tweet on their account simply stating that, “this next new song is special.” Soon after, pop artist Daya, who featured on their track, “Don’t Let Me Down,” responded to a Tweet telling them jokingly to “go hang w/ your new friend Britney.”

Now, this could be a reference to how The Chainsmokers and Britney Spears probably met at some point during the MTV VMAs this past weekend, or it could be alluding to the fact that Spears is actually going to be featured on this “special” new song. Clips were recently posted on Snapchat from the band’s account with the caption “New Chainsmokers in the background,” and, well, the vocals in the audio do sound very much like the Princess of Pop. You can check out the huge sounding song and decide for yourself herehere and here.

So, while we wait until we find out what exactly is so special about this new song, we’ll still be jamming to The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” non-stop. The number one track featuring singer Halsey is the group’s third top ten single and we can’t get enough of it.