Charli XCX Talks Writing Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love”


Even though Charli XCX has a proven track record of churning out hit songs for herself, her expertise also revolves around writing songs for other artists, too. Since tracks are usually considered musicians’ babies, it isn’t hard to believe that sometimes, one might regret giving a song they wrote to another artist, and that’s what happened with Selena Gomez’s single, “Same Old Love.”

Speaking with Australian publication, Grazia, Charli talks about songs she’s written for others in the past, and said “Same Old Love” was done so well by Gomez that she wished she had kept it for herself. However, she ended up parting ways with the track due to Gomez’s recent breakup with Justin Bieber, and the timely release of the single helped shoot it to double Platinum status.

It goes both ways, though – just take a look at Charli’s breakout, “Boom Clap.” Originally meant for Hilary Duff, her team decided to pass on the song because it wasn’t “cool enough,” so of course, Charli decided to release it on her own to turn it into the epitome of cool. Maybe Charli XCX would’ve killed “Same Old Love” if she had kept it, but as long as she keeps writing great songs, it doesn’t really matter who’s singing them, right?