Check Out Andrew Rayel’s Remix Of Dash Berlin’s “Till The Sky Falls Down”


Who says you can only remix recent tracks to stay relevant? Andrew Rayel took a break from remixing the likes of Tommy Trash to put his signature sound on a (somewhat) classic, and what he turned out as a result makes for a worthwhile revisiting.

Tenured electronic music fans might remember Dash Berlin’s breakout hit “Till The Sky Falls Down,” a 2007 track that would propel the outfit into international stardom. The Andrew Rayel remix injects a measure of testosterone into the arrangement with a driving synth lead that adapts it for contemporary festival audiences without betraying the melodic elements that made the original stand out in the first place.

Meanwhile, much of Rayel’s fanbase is clamoring for the Adele collaboration at which he subtly hinted last month. Whether the reason for Adele blowing up his phone was that or just a simple remix, it will certainly stand out as a mile marker of sorts in his already successful career as a musician.

After listening to Andrew Rayel‘s remix of Dash Berlin’s “Till The Sky Falls Down,” let us know if you think it measures up to the original by commenting below.