Check Out Fedde Le Grand And Merk & Kremont’s “Give Me Some”


Fedde Le Grand and Merk & Kremont might sound like an unlikely combination of artists to combine forces, but that’s never been enough to stop anyone in the EDM community before. The three DJ/producers have teamed up on “Give Me Some,” a soulful iteration of the progressive house format in which both camps’ influences are prevalent.

Centered around a sample of Kylie Auldist’s vocal contribution to The Bamboos’ 2009 track “On The Sly,” the arrangement of “Give Me Some” is underscored by a artfully sparse piano chords before a funky bass line builds it up to an electro-tinged peak. However, the preview of the track conveniently cuts off before the drop – so until Fedde Le Grand and Merk & Kremont officially release it, their fans will have to keep wondering what the meat of the track sounds like.

Listen to the preview of “Give Me Some” in the SoundCloud player above, and let us know if you’ll look out for the full track when it drops on January 25th.