Chet Faker’s Killswitch Is High-Caliber Hipstertronica


Yes, you read correctly, we’re still running with the term “hipstertonica.”

Australian electronic music producer Chet Faker wowed us a couple months ago with “Bend,” which he released alongside the announcement of a few final tour dates. His latest work, “Killswitch,” accompanies the unveiling of another series of Australian dates – but nobody’s suggesting that it doesn’t stand up on its own merit.

“Killswitch” – which sounds absolutely nothing like the metal band Killswitch Engage, in case you were wondering – features the understated vocal musings characteristic of Faker’s soul-infused downtempo style.  A folky tune with downplayed electronic music elements, it further contributes to his body of work by being everything that mainstream EDM isn’t.

As for the tour dates, Chet Faker will make stops in Linithgow Ave, Brisbane and Sydney from the end of October to early November. After listening to “Killswitch,” would you like him to pay your city a visit? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section.

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