Childish Gambino Finds A Home At Glassnote Records

Rejoice rap fans! Childish Gambino, the alter-ego of the immensely talented Donald Glover, has signed onto Glassnote Records, an interesting move considering that the label is known for their indie line-up which includes bands such as Mumford & Sons.

Glover revealed in a recent interview with that he made the move because he wanted a label that could perfectly represent his new brand of “black rock,” characterized by the use of real instruments to create the majority of the beats on the record.

I’ll admit, this news is a bit of promotion as well, because if any rapper deserves attention, it’s Glover. While the radio is being taken over by crappy pop tunes and processed “rap” songs, he’s been hard at work making some of the most honest and brutal music I’ve ever heard. Not to mention, the man has to find time to do this in between writing for 30 Rock, acting on Community (a personal favorite), and doing his own stand-up comedy routine.

Before his rise to semi-fame, he was primarily a rapper, getting his start by rapping over classic indie songs by bands such as Sleigh Bells. Featuring some of the most clever and biting verses to date, Glover is definitely a man to watch.

As a result of this move to Glassnote, Gambino will finally be able to put his previous releases on iTunes and vinyl, a wet dream for pretty much every one of his listeners. If you’re a fan of anything Glover does, or just a fan of rap in general, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by checking out Childish Gambino.

Look out for his new release, Camp, to drop sometime in September or October. For a taste of what Glover can do, check out Freaks and Geeks below and click here for a download of his latest EP, which he released for free earlier this year.