Chris Lake Brings The Groove In Remix Of M-22’s “Good To Be Loved”


Scottish house music mainstay Chris Lake made a spirited return to the respectable side of the genre in 2015 that was so celebrated by his fans that he doesn’t appear eager to run along back to the main stage in 2016.

Following the warm reception of such tastefully experimental tracks as “Chest” and “Stomper,” he’s kicked off the new year with a remix of M-22’s “Good To Be Loved” that injects the radio-friendly track with a delightful measure of obscurity.

To be sure, the first several measures of the remix don’t see much of a departure from the feel of the original. However, after around a minute, stutter edits to the vocal sample underscored by a warm, melodic bass line give the track a definitive groove that lathers up into the sort of frothing cacophony that sends a cellar full of dance music snobs into a frenzy.

While the heavily modulated bass lines that can be found in Chris Lake‘s recent material makes them fit in with recent trends in electronic music, his inventive production style makes them stand out nonetheless. After finding himself again musically, it will be a pleasure to see where his creative process takes him in the months to follow.

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