Chrisette Michelle Comments On Cancel Culture And Comparisons To Kanye West After Donda Drops

There’s no denying that Kanye West’s most recent album Donda has been absolutely blowing up line. It had the second-biggest global Spotify debut for album streams of all time with the song “Hurricane” hitting the number four spot on the ARIA Singles Chart.

For many fans and critics, however, his success has been poisoned by his antics during the race for President and his support for former President Donald Trump. Several fans have pointed out how this is unfair compared to the treatment of Chrisette Michele who was supposedly “canceled” after she performed at the 45th president’s inauguration. One such fan included TV Host Jawn Murray who brought up the fact in a Tweet:

Chrisette Responded to his Tweet in an Instagram post saying that the comparisons between her and Kanye are the reasons she doesn’t do interviews anymore.

“Being compared to Kanye & Travis for the last 5 years. Watching them soar into the highest realms of stardom. Waiting on Gods hand to show me exactly what my story will look like.

I’ve made a choice to stay full of gratitude and master peace, but today, this post has inspired me to allow the energy of comparison to enter my feed.”

She then decided to turn back the questions on fans, asking them to consider what her role as a woman and a Christian plays within the story of these comparisons.

“What do YOU think history has proven in this tale? What did you think 5 years ago? What do you think today Would you release new music if you were me? What would you sing about? Who would you sing to? Why?”

She announced in a later post that she has new music in the works but the “red tape” caused by “cancel culture” is what is taking it so long to get to fans. “Currently, I have exceptional freshly recorded music. It’s ready to be heard. When the red tape lifts, I’ll be ready.” We’ll have to see if fans keep comparing her to Kanye West after this new music hits the airwaves.