CODA Celebrates Their Anniversary In Style With Art Department



In just one short year, CODA has cemented itself as one of Toronto’s hottest nightclubs, and for good reason. Whether it’s the large dance floor, always happy crowd, never ending beats or just the general atmosphere in there on any given night, CODA is always a good time, and has attracted quite a loyal following here in the city.

This past weekend, the nightclub celebrated its one year anniversary, bringing out a wide range of artists over two nights to commemorate the occasion. Unfortunately, we were only able to attend on Friday, but it was certainly a memorable affair, as Art Department (in addition to a few openers) took the stage to spin a dark and groovy set of music that left a smile on the face of almost everyone in the venue.

Seeing as the hometown DJs opened CODA last year, it was only fitting that they returned for its anniversary party. Playing to a full house, Art Department put the club’s superb lighting and sound systems to the test, keeping the deep house/electro beats well and alive throughout the night. As the hours wore on, spillover from The Guvernment, and probably several other clubs, filled the room even more, resulting in a huge collection of partygoers who just wanted to dance the night away.

Atmosphere and mood were great, as they always are at CODA, and everyone I spoke with seemed to be having a great time, showing much love for the Toronto-based DJs as they lost themselves in the music. A mix of regulars and rookies just wanting to see what all the fuss was about, it was a very friendly crowd and spirits were certainly high.

Unlike other clubs in the city where a packed venue means no room to dance, CODA’s smart layout and great dance floor means that everyone has space to move, and the anniversary party was no different. While it always felt full in there, I never ran into a problem of being pushed, squished or confined to a small space, which is more than I can say for a lot of Toronto’s other venues.

If you’re into the underground, after-hours scene, CODA is hands-down the place to be. It’s got a much more relaxed and easy-going vibe than many of the other comparable venues in the city, and the music and crowd there is always great. The anniversary party, though it arrived with a fair bit of hype, more than lived up to it and I think that I can speak for everyone in there when I say that Art Department gave us another memorable night at what is many people’s favorite Toronto club.

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