Country Star, Shunned For Racist Incident, Aims To Reset Career With A Provocatively-Named Tour

by Keane Eacobellis

Country singer Morgan Wallen, whose year has largely been defined by a racist outburst, has announced he’s heading out on tour starting early in 2022.

Dubbed “The Dangerous Tour,” the 46-city endeavor is set to start on Feb. 3 in Evansville, Ind., and will conclude on Sept. 24 in Los Angeles. 

Wallen had initially planned to tour this past summer, but ultimately canceled the shows after he was caught on tape saying the N-word outside his home in Nashville back in February. The singer had initially apologized for using the word in an interview with Good Morning America back in July, calling it a “playful” exchange between friends, though admitted he was “wrong” for doing so. 

The Dangerous Tour is Wallen’s latest attempt to rehab his career following the fallout over his racist remark, which saw his music pulled from mainstream country radio within 24 hours of its disclosure. In addition, his contract with Big Loud Records was suspended, and he wasn’t invited to attend any country music awards shows, despite being nominated in numerous categories. 

As noted by the Los Angeles Times, Wallen’s overall popularity hasn’t seemed to wane much despite the significant fallout. He initially returned to performing back in September as part of a bill to aid Tennessee flood victims and more recently sold out a 31,000 seat show in Mobile, Ala.

Prior to his racist outburst, Wallen had been slated to perform as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live in October 2020, but that was cancelled following video of him unmasked in a crowded bar surfaced — violating the show’s strict COVID-19 rules it had adopted. The singer also apologized and was later rescheduled for December — the show even featured a sketch sending up his lack of judgment.