Cut The Lights For Hardwell’s “Blackout”


Today is Dutch progressive house icon Hardwell‘s birthday, and while he’s undoubtedly received his fair share of presents in light of the occasion, he’s taken the opportunity to give one out as well. He’s released his new track, “Blackout,” for free download – and as far as main stage progressive house anthems go, it’s actually pretty decent.

Of course, to appreciate it you have to listen to it through the ears of somebody who isn’t totally burned out on “the formula” – because that’s exactly what it is. A chugging bass line builds up to a cacaphonous bass drop in true Hardwell fashion, and it doesn’t let the listener come up for air until each track fades out at the end.

Whether for his birthday or otherwise, Hardwell has kicked off 2016 with a bang by making “Blackout” a free download. If you like what you hear, stay tuned for more from the Dutch superstar as he’s undoubtedly got more up his sleeve for the months to follow.

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