Dada Life Return To Their Roots With “Yellow Is The Color Of Happiness”


Electro house’s most whimsical duo have embarked on an interesting creative tangent recently. Dada Life have utilized their one-of-a-kind production style to put out techno-inspired cuts like “Red Is The Color Of Rage” as of late, but their new track, “Yellow Is The Color Of Happiness,” marks a more genuine return to their early style.

Instead of the overproduced, main stage-friendly arrangements that have characterized much of their recent material, “Yellow Is The Color Of Happiness” showcases a less-is-more sensibility sure to resonate with electronic music’s increasingly disillusioned fanbase. It still sounds like Dada Life, to be sure, but it’s distinctly less commercial.

Out of all the attempts made by contemporary EDM artists to re-sophisticate their music in 2016, Dada Life‘s may be among the more interesting. After listening to “Yellow Is The Color Of Happiness” by clicking on the SoundCloud player above, keep an eye on the Swedish duo to see if more color-coded singles follow in the days to come.