The Daft Punk Tour Rumors Continue With New Website


Following hot on the heels of their collaboration with The Weekend on “Starboy,” Daft Punk became the subject of wide spreads rumors that the robotic duo would be embarking on a string of live shows starting in 2017. With the release of their first track in several years, the rumor mill was inevitably going to swing into action and the internet did not disappoint. First up was an alleged lineup poster for Lollapalooza Chile which featured the French house duo as headliners, and now we have some more fuel to add to the fire as a new website prompts further speculation.

Despite the fact that industry sources have denied a Daft Punk tour for 2017, fans have continued to clamor to hope. Part of the reason for this is because the timing just seems right; the “One More Time” producers first toured in 1997, followed by their second stint in 2007. So following that formula, it only seems natural that a Daft Punk tour would happen in 2017.

The latest “evidence” comes in the form of a cryptic webste, hinting at the name of their 2007 live album. A closer inspection of the site’s source code reveals a number of coordinates for major cities throughout North America where you’d expect a group of Daft Punk’s stature to stop on a tour, including Los Angeles, New York, London, Ibiza and more.

Obviously it’s not much to go off, as anyone could have made the website, but we suspect that won’t stop Daft Punk fans from searching for any and every clue regarding a possible tour from the duo. We’ll be keeping up with the speculation as it develops further, so stay tuned for more updates as they become available.