Dave Grohl’s Carrie-Inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Wins The Internet



You can say what you’d like about the never-ending stream of ALS Ice Bucket videos clogging your social media feeds, but when you look at the numbers, a current donation total of $22.9 million can’t be argued with. With only $1.9 million donated during the exact same time period last year and no reported cases of pneumonia yet, I’d say the Ice Bucket Challenge is quite the smashing success whether you drenched yourself in freezing water, donated some dough, or did both!

With that said, the real challenge now is finding new and inventive ways to douse yourself in the name of ALS. I’ve recently had a construction buddy of mine get an entire bulldozer full of icy water dumped on him, and Paul Bissonnette took a load of actual glacier water from a helicopter, but leave it to the most awesome man on the face of the Earth – Dave Grohl – to show EVERYONE up with his version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Mixing the worlds of horror movies and viral fundraising, Grohl gathered his fellow Foo Fighters bandmates and recreated one of the most iconic horror scenes featuring someone getting liquid dumped on them. Yup, as the camera pans out after Grohl’s introduction, we see he’s dressed in proper prom attire, tiara and all, recalling Sissy Spacek’s violent outburst in Carrie. The whole scene plays out, as Grohl can’t believe he’s just become Prom Queen, but becomes none too please when the bucket of water is dumped on his head (instead of blood). Genius, pure genius.

The bar has been raised, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge participants. I understand typical working-men or women won’t be able to pull off such a production, but celebrities who have more access to resources and time should accept Grohl’s challenge and see what other ridiculous ways they can dump water on their heads – but they still won’t be as cool as Dave Grohl.

If you haven’t been challenged yet and would like to donate to The ALS Association anyway, you can do so on their official home page.

Be sure to check out Grohl’s video below!

Source: YouTube

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