Daya Gets “Cool” On New Album Track


Daya is only 17 years old, but she’s accomplished more in her career than most artists do in a lifetime. Her biggest hit came in the form of the top five smash, “Don’t Let Me Down” – and to the average outsider, that might be all she’s known for at the moment. Her debut album, Sit Still, Look Pretty, drops next week though, and she’s quickly solidifying herself as a household name in pop.

Today, the singer dropped “Cool,” which is one of the strongest tracks off of Sit Still, Look Pretty, as the song shows off a repetitive but charming chorus with a catchy, steady beat. Daya is a pop artist who doesn’t need much to surround herself in order to come away with a good song. With minimal production on the effort, she has a fantastic track with “Cool” with just songwriting and vocals alone, and that’s a rare feat in mainstream music these days.

It’s hardly a bad thing to be known as “the one who sings in that Chainsmokers song” – because, well, they’re kind of taking over the world. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be others who take over the world right along with them. After Sit Still, Look Pretty is released, Daya will undoubtedly prove that she’s up for the task, and “Cool” is the perfect reason why.

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