Deadmau5 Aims His Twitter Cannons At EDC



EDC Las Vegas 2016 came and passed with a bang over the weekend, serving as the culminating dance music event of the year for many ravers who traveled to the American Southwest for the major festival. Featuring a stacked roster of top notch talent, EDC took the spotlight in the EDM community as fans and festival goers took to social media to revel in the event. Dance music’s resident sourpuss deadmau5, on the other hand, was predictably unimpressed.

In his usual manner, the Canadian producer took to his social media platform of choice to Tweet a few barbs at EDC’s expense. The latest Twitter rant from deadmau5 centers around what he views as a lack of diversity, calling out the massive festival for booking too many similar acts and watering down the talent pool.

Considering the state of commercial EDM festivals, it’s kind of hard to disagree with the producer, though his signature lack of tact probably won’t win him much favor. At this point, we’ll just have to wait and see if Pasquale Rotella has any witty comebacks to sling at deadmau5 in response.

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