Deadmau5 And Avicii’s New Twitter Beef Is Exquisite


I would love to say that I don’t pay attention to anything as trivial as social media feuds between famous DJs, but I’m just not that big of a person. Besides, when it’s deadmau5 we’re talking about, you can go ahead and leave your shame at the door because you know that whatever he has to say will be worth your time.

Last week, deadmau5 took to Twitter to revisit a point of contention with former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, calling out Avicii in the process.

 The Swedish DJ/producer took to Instagram to upload the following meme in response:  


In a turn of events that surprised nobody whatsoever, deadmau5 returned fire with a cavalcade of below-the-belt tweets that apparently caused Avicii to block him:

Tell us, do you agree with deadmau5 in his criticisms against press play DJs, or do you think that he went too far with his insults? Sound off below!