Deadmau5′ Collaboration With Grabbitz Is What You’ve Been Looking For


The music industry changes people, but even though he’s been in it since the ’90s, deadmau5 has somehow stayed the same. The often controversial DJ/producer has made it apparent that he’s been in the studio with a lot of other artists lately and his collaboration with Grabbitz demonstrates that it’s been time well spent.

A throwback to an era in which the music termed “progressive house” was more of a journey than a destination, the track – whose working title on SoundCloud is “BLOOD FOR THE BLOODGOAT,” for god knows what reason – opens with contemplative vocals by an as yet unidentified male singer. Through the filter of deadmau5′ raw, stripped-down production style comes the kind of rudimentary melody that you could picture accompanying a steady groove in a tech house track.  The warm progression between them ends abruptly after a couple cycles, indicating that the track may yet be a preview which will continue to evolve before its official release.

Tell us, what do you think of deadmau5 and Grabbitz’ new track? Listen to it above and let us know in the comments section below.