deadmau5 Divulges His Booking Fee Range Over Social Media


DJ booking fees soared to astronomical heights following the EDM explosion of 2010-2012, and even though they’re supposed to have cooled down, some of the leading artists still bring in staggering sums of money per gig. deadmau5 has never been one to shy away from controversy, and recently, he provided some insight into the matter when a curious fan inquired.

The following exchange took place between deadmau5 and one of his followers on Twitter:

While information that emerged in 2014 suggested that deadmau5’s booking rate ranged from $200-250,000, at that time, a source close to promoters who had attempted to book him back then recalls that in his prime, it wasn’t uncommon for him to demand between $1-1.5 million per gig – rendering him unattainable in most smaller markets. As such, it stands to reason that as inflated as the figure he presented sounds, it’s probably a fairly accurate representation of what he actually makes.

After this, you have to wonder whether fewer electronic music fans will side with deadmau5 the next time he wages a full-on Twitter war.