Deadmau5 Drops Imaginary Friends On His SoundCloud Account.


After several months of relative silence regarding the release of new music, deadmau5 has taken a break from his highly public Twitter tirades to release a new track, dropping “Imaginary Friends” on his SoundCloud account. The track’s title is likely a reference to a line from Donnie Darko, at the suggestion of a fan on Twitter.

“Imaginary Friends” opens with a classic analog mau5 synth, gradually building up to the entrancing arpeggios he’s made his signature. Like much of his work, the new track takes its time, building for several minutes before a steady rolling house beat kicks in, focusing on mood and melody for the first several minutes of the song.

Once the drums get going, deadmau5 fills the speakers with grungy, distorted synths that keep the energy moving. Finally, at nearly eight minutes in lengths, he brings the track to a close with a serene bell melody.

Stylistically, the new work feels like a continuation of the sound deadmau5 pursued on his most recent release While (1<2), blending progressive chord sequences, house beats, and snarling electro synths.

Take a listen to it above and let us know what you think in the comments section down below.