Deadmau5 Explores Trip-Hop Some More On “Hyperlandia”


A deadmau5 live stream from May 27 is making the rounds on the internet, giving fans the chance to listen to yet another upcoming track from the Canadian producer. Last month saw the mau5 boss dropping a surprise single titled “Snowcone” on which he explored a Trip-hop influenced sound, and it appears to be a new trend in his music as the tentatively titled “Hyperlandia” traverses a similar sonic terrain.

“Hyperlandia” is an oozing ten minutes of atmospheric synth swells, analog arpeggios and a steady downtempo beat. Indiscernible vocals float above the ethereal production, forging a drifting sound perfect for zoning out and getting lost in. Towards the end of the track, the drums disappear to make way for classic deadmau5 chords that fill the spacey tune.

Like many deadmau5 tracks, “Hyperlandia” utilizes its lengthy run time to give each element space in the mix, resulting in a hypnotic production that encapsulates the listener. It seems to represent a new era in deadmau5‘ sound, and we’re excited to see where he runs with it.

Source: Your EDM