New Deadmau5 Just Leaked, But What Does It Mean?


Despite the challenges of building a new studio and organizing the nebulous Entropy tour, a new deadmau5 track has surfaced, but what exactly does it mean?

Ripped from an October 9th live stream and uploaded yesterday by Soundcloud user Nü Shit [IDs], this unreleased track offers some insight into deadmau5′ latest antics. Zimmerman himself even commented on a Toronto Rave Community Facebook post confirming that it is indeed his work:

“Nah, just some scratch stuff im working on. nothing serious… yet? maybe? i dont know.”

The caliber of this production is pretty top for just going into the scrap pile, and certainly hints at the direction of deadmau5′ new album. Sporting cyclical synth chops and an eerily reminiscent tone of While (1<2), this newest sliver of material is a massive tease. It even goes along with the Entropy teasers’ ominous ambience and abstract design, but if he’s calling the ID “just some scratch stuff,” we can only imagine what to expect from his new album in early 2016.

Click above to have a listen, and let us know what you think of deadmau5′ new trajectory.