Deadmau5 Remixes Stranger Things Theme Song


Netflix has been riding high on a wave of success with their recent hit series Stranger Things, due in no small part to its nostalgic John Carpenter-esque score with its revival of 80s analog synth music. The electronic music community has been largely favorable of the score composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, and now deadmau5 has delivered his own unofficial remix of the theme song.

Deadmau5 first began toying with the theme earlier in the month during a live stream as he attempted to recreate the tune with his vast array of analog synths and studio gear. His studio tinkering has now been ripped and uploaded to YouTube and it’s definitely a worthy listen. The remix kicks off with hip hop beats alongside the repeated arpeggio phrase from the original version, as deadmau5 works his signature synth prowess with doom laden bass and ominous pads.

While it’s just a studio romp, his remix of the Stranger Things theme is a solid rework that expands on the original. One can’t help but imagine while listening to the remix the sort of synthy scores deadmau5 could dream up if given the chance to put his cinematic style to film.