Deadmau5 Shares Advice For Aspiring Producers


Joel Zimmerman is clearly in the midst of a prolific era in his career as deadmau5. The Canadian producer seems to have fully immersed himself in his life as a musician, from working tirelessly with his live team to roll out crazy new stage designs to sharing new music ahead of the release of his upcoming album, deadmau5 always has something up his sleeve.

A new video rip from one of Zimmerman’s live streams has been making the rounds on YouTube that sees the producer offering up thirty minutes of advice for aspiring musicians. Much of the advice focuses on getting offline and forging face to face connections with people who can help boost your career rather than spamming industry figures with SoundCloud links and the like. It seems like odd advice in a time where social media seems so crucial to an artist’s career, but he’s able to present the information in a way that makes perfect sense.

The video clip features Zimmerman offering up comprehensive advice for upcoming producers while detailing the events that lead to his success as deadmau5. It’s a must watch for anyone who wants to get into the EDM industry as an artist, but still has plenty of interest for more casual fans who want to learn more about the early days of one of the genre’s biggest stars.