Deadmau5 Takes A Break From Ranting To Tease New Music


Deadmau5, forever the online champion of speaking one’s mind, has just uploaded an Instagram clip of new material, and it’s fierce.

It’s a typical Mau5 tune, and though it’s well-produced, as you’d expect, the track doesn’t sound too groundbreaking. That is, until about the 8 second mark. Once the breakdown hits, we’re reminded of the aggressive demeanor of 4×4=12, and we couldn’t be more excited about Deadmau5′ next release.

Zimmerman has taunted the prospect of an album coming in early 2016, and given his recent string of posts sharing new computer assemblies and equipment, that very well may happen. Despite a huge move into a new home, Deadmau5 has indeed been keeping busy with music, regardless of popular belief.

Unfortunately, the YouTube playlist containing 94 unreleased Deadmau5 tracks was already taken down, but you get the idea – the man has obviously been writing plenty of new material.


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