Deadmau5 Is Taking On Noisia With “Collider” Remix


Drum and bass trio Noisia stunned fans over the summer with the release of their latest album Outer Edges, a record comprised of eighteen blistering electronic workouts that included singles like “Anomaly” and “Collider.”

After a recent deadmau5 live stream, fans noted some similarities between an unreleased project and “Collider.” The Canadian producer eventually hopped on Twitter to respond to speculation over the possibility of a “Collider” rework, stating that he was “remixing it for them.”

Taking to Twitch with another one of his frequent studio live streams, deadmau5 showed off a thirty second teaser of his “Collider” remix. His rework features stark breakbeat patterns layered against a barrage of metallic, growling bass synths that converge with the drums to create an intense rhythmic texture. It’s only a brief sample, but the high quality sound design and markedly punchy production work paint the remix as an exciting track.

At this point, deadmau5 has yet to reveal a release date for his Noisia flip, but it’s safe to say that this is one remix we’ll be keeping an eye out for.