Deadmau5 Trolls SFX, Offers To Buy What’s Left


SFX recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We knew it was only a matter of time, considering all the back alley dealing and hollow promises of former CEO Robert Sillerman. Although its failure is certainly going to disrupt the dance music industry, leaving a void where TomorrowWorld stood, and shaking up established companies like Beatport, we can also say it was extremely satisfying to watch the giant topple.

And, of course, no shaming would be complete without the requisite deadmau5 jab to drive home the point: this company is in ruins.

Who knew Sillerman had no idea what he was doing?! Excuse us if the sarcasm drips onto your carpet, but this comes at no surprise to anyone. That this statement was made in 2012 and SFX somehow managed to limp all the way into 2016 is nothing short of a miracle. We can only hope they take deadmau5 up on this offer.

Source: Your EDM

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