deadmau5 Uploads Four More Tracks To His SoundCloud Account


It’s funny to consider that less than two months ago everyone was worried about deadmau5 calling it quits. Recently, however, the Canadian progressive house mastermind has been uploading cuts from his Project Entropy stage show concept in rapid fire succession, and the last few have ranged from experimental to downright ludicrous.

“Gymnopedie No. BORED” and “gsadfawe4” exhibit the lower tempo and avant-garde sound design typical of recent deadmau5 productions. While still unpolished, both video-gamey arrangements showcase the poignant simplicity that has become the producer’s calling card.

On the other hand, “the carp is mine” and “fuck you too” are clearly just deadmau5 messing with his fans. While some of the production elements might find their way into his finished tracks, we can assert with almost 100% certainty that verses from Jay Z and Beastie Boys songs will have no part in any of his actual releases.

However, if the past week or so is any indicator, there will be a lot more music coming from deadmau5‘ camp in the days to follow so check back often.