deadmau5 Uploads Two New Productions To SoundCloud… Or Does He?


With the rapid-fire succession of tracks released by progressive house icon deadmau5 since the turn of the year, it might seem as though the Toronto-based producer turns out music at an unbelievable rate – that is, until you take a closer look at everything he’s shared.

In reality, deadmau5 has instead provided a window into his creative process that diehard fans might find even more valuable. We’ve already pointed out that some of what he’s previewed as concepts for his Project Entropy stage show are the same work in progress at varying levels of completion. In one of his most recent uploads, the thread of commonality can be traced back even further.

The beginning part of “saved” has been preserved almost in its entirety from “00002,” which deadmau5 uploaded two months ago. Uploads like last week’s “Carp” and “What a save!” saw additional production elements cobble onto the arrangement, resulting in a track that sounds more complete than any of its previous versions.

Is deadmau5 cheating his fans by cryptically posting works in progress knowing that the EDM blogosphere will treat each one like its own release? Hardly. If anything, aspiring producers ought to thank the producer for allowing them valuable insight into his creative process. Other artists of comparable stature hold onto the details of how their tracks evolve like trade secrets – but by leaving subtle clues, the ‘mau5 has left a bread crumb trail by which his fans can follow the evolution of each track.

That said, the other new upload to deadmau5‘ SoundCloud was “gg,” which can be heard in the player directly above. After exploring his account, let us know if you’ve identified any parallels between “gg” and earlier uploads by making a trip down to the comments section below.