Deadmau5 Wants To Teach You How To Make Great Music


Just a few weeks ahead of the release of his eight studio record W:/2o16Album, deadmau5 has announced his intention to branch out into education. If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to learn music production from one of EDM’s biggest producers, your dream is about to come true. The Canadian musician will be teaching a MasterClass in electronic music creation and is gearing up to offer more than twenty private video lectures and lessons on a myriad of relevant topics.

Joel Zimmerman, the man behind deadmau5, starred in a short trailer for the upcoming MasterClass and shared what the program will entail. He describes the class as “a no bullshit look into what it takes to make great music,” while explaining that the coursework will help students develop their own style and sound.

Of course, deadmau5 isn’t offering up his knowledge for free. The class will cost students $90, but that’s pretty cheap considering it’s being taught by a world renowned producer.

You can pre-enroll for deadmau5‘s MasterClass here. The program is expected to arrive sometime this winter.