Deorro Remixes MORTEN’s “Beautiful Heartbeat”


Melbourne bounce genius Deorro recently dropped a new remix for MORTEN’s latest single “Beautiful Heartbeat” with vocalist Frida Sundemo, delivering a funky fresh update for the track that will have your toe tapping as you listen.

Deorro’s remix opens with a gentle chord progression, setting the stage for what is to come with serene tones and light percussive touches. Drawing on his classic track “Five Hours,” Deorro then switches up the vibe, dropping in funky slap bass, syncopated synths, modulated vocal chops and four on the floor beats. At the breakdown, he brings the energy down to a whisper as Frida Sundemo’s ethereal vocals fill the speakers alongside washes of ambient atmosphere.

The new remix is classic Deorro, complete with an infectious danceable vibe and original production points that contrast MORTEN’s original version.It’s included on the remix collection for “Beautiful Heartbeat,” alongside mixes produced by Avicii and RAC, and if you’d like, you can head here to purchase the remix EP.

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