The Dewarist Sessions, Part 1

Scotch Whisky brand Dewar’s have taken on an interesting music project. The company is planning to release an album titled The Dewarist Sessions, Part 1, an eclectic new album made of three indie bands (acclaimed Indian artist Raghu Dixit, Mercury Prize nominee King Creosote and folk duo Slow Club). The three bands gathered in the studio to record together during TEDGlobal 2012, where Dewar’s is a partner.

During the recording session, the TED talks were streamed live into the studios from the conference center. Once the collaboration was complete, the three bands played an exclusive after party at The Caves.

Personally, I love hearing about projects like this. As a big supporter of indie music, it’s great to see support like this being provided for smaller musicians. Though I wasn’t well acquainted with any of the three artists before hearing about this, I’ve since listened to their music and I must say, I’m impressed. All three are immensely talented and I’m thrilled to see them getting an opportunity like this.

Stay tuned to Dewar’s Facebook page for more details and check out the videos below for a peek at what to expect.

The Dewarist Sessions X Slow Club from Protein® TV on Vimeo.

Dewar’s X King Creosote from Protein® TV on Vimeo.

Dewars X Raghu Dixit from Protein® TV on Vimeo.