Dewar’s Unites With #Unravel

Dewar’s has once again shown off their eagerness for innovation by joining forces with #UNRAVEL, a new interactive sound installation that is a collaboration between FOUND and Aidan Moffat, who won the first ever Scottish Album of the Year Award. The project required Aidan to write 10 short stories with multiple variations of each, to be sound-tracked by a total of 160 new musical compositions by FOUND.

“#UNRAVEL is all about storytelling and looking at how external factors affect the way we remember events that have happened to us.  The limited edition single cask has been developed by Dewar’s for people to drink whilst listening to #UNRAVEL – going back to the days when whisky would be drunk as friends sat around late into the night sharing stories…”

– Tommy Perman, FOUND member and artist

#UNRAVEL is a collection of devices making up a gallery-based, reactive sound installation, through which the audience will attempt to unravel the truth about The Narrator’s life by playing records from his collection.

Just as a real narrator alters the way they tell a story depending on their mood, audience and context, the memories embodied in the installation will distort, evolve and warp depending on external influences: the time of day, the size of #UNRAVEL’s audience, the local weather, and what people are writing about the installation on twitter from moment to moment.

Dewar’s showcased #UNRAVEL at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh from 25th-29th June, and are also in the process of creating a limited edition 16 year old single cask whisky, inspired by #UNRAVEL.

It sounds like a very cool project and it’s definitely something that should be on your radar.

For more information on #UNRAVEL, check out their website: and for more info on Dewar’s check out their Facebook page:

Dewar’s X UNRAVEL from Protein® TV on Vimeo.