Digital Dreams 2015: Harsh Weather Overshadows A Disappointing Fourth Outing


You wouldn’t think that the weather could threaten a summer festival in Toronto, but that’s exactly what happened with the 2015 outing of Bud Light’s Digital Dreams, which took place this past weekend at The Flats at Ontario Place. On Saturday afternoon, the organizers made the call to shut down day one of the fest, leaving many ravers infuriated.

It was disappointing, to be sure, but harsh winds and heavy rain caused concern for safety and while the cancellation meant that we missed out on artists like Borgeous, W&W, Armin van Buuren and many more, you can’t fault Live Nation for making the call.

Thankfully, despite some less than favorable weather, day two went off mostly without a hitch. I say mostly because a bit of rain did force the festival to be moved from its 2pm start time to 4pm, another decision that left those with tickets generally unpleased.

When the gates finally did open, moods and spirits weren’t terribly high, and not helping matters was the fact that the festival grounds themselves were somewhat underwhelming. The main stage, which had been rather impressive production-wise for the past few years, didn’t quite wow as it had before. TD Echo Beach, which is also another festival highlight every year, was muddy and dirty, though an improved lighting system did help matters a little bit.

Throughout the day, main stage, or Dreams Stage as it was dubbed, played host to favorites like Arty, Showtek, Sander Van Doorn and more, all of whom delivered predictable, yet enjoyable sets that had the crowd (which was looking awfully young) up and moving to the music despite the weather.