Dillon Francis And Getter Join Forces In DJ World: Episode One


Dance music’s most comedically inclined producers Dillon Francis and Getter have teamed up to bring EDM into the realm of reality TV with DJ World. Along with Vine celeb Nick Colletti (of ‘Suh Dude’ fame), the two producers star in what will become a seven episode straight to web series that takes a satirical aim at all the worst DJ stereotypes.

The premise of DJ World is simple. Getter, Francis and Colletti have each taken on the roles of two DJs, making a mockery of the fist-pumping, button pushing trends that helped catapult their own careers. Episode one serves as an introduction to the six characters on the show, who are competing for the chance of a lifetime to win $5,000 and a one way trip to America’s dance music capital of Las Vegas.

New episodes of DJ World will be released twice a week up through the middle of June, and considering the comedic genius behind the web series, it’s safe to say you can expect plenty of hilarious antics.

For more, you can check out the episode schedule below:

May 24 – DJ World Episode 1
May 26 – DJ World Episode 2
May 31 – DJ World Episode 3
June 2 – DJ World Episode 4
June 7 – DJ World Episode 5
June 9 – DJ World Episode 6
June 14 – DJ World Episode 7