Dillon Francis Drops The “Cutest” Collaboration With Skrillex


Dillon Francis’ collaboration with Skrillex is mother approved and ready to party. Released today, “Bun Up The Dance” is a nail-coated lollipop of a moombah track that’s already seen some serious rotation in Dillon’s live sets.

After being teased with our favorite rave camel jiving to “Bun Up The Dance,” we finally have our hands on the full track, and it’s inexorably “cute.” Skrillex’s space age production ideas in combination with Dillon’s penchant for playful dance floor burners make for a jolly tune that already has hips swagging around the world. As promised with this mixtape, third degree burns are an imminent side effect of listening to the new Dillon Francis. You’ve been warned.

Grab “Bun Up The Dance” now on iTunes, and pre-order This Mixtape Is Fire for it’s August 14th release.